The Faubourg Nature: A New Neighbourhood in the heart of Cowansville.

By choosing the Faubourg Nature, you’re making quality of life a priority.


A Green Neighbourhood

The Faubourg Nature is bordered on both sides by the Morgan Reserve, a nature reserve of approximately 150 000 square meters (about 1.6 million square feet) that we created and subsequently donated to the City of Cowansville. Of great ecological value, the Morgan Reserve is protected in perpetuity. Moreover, the urban park François Tanguay is located directly outside the entrance of the Faubourg Nature site. These parks are the lungs of our neighbourhood and they ensure a high quality environment. You can visit these green spaces through the safe walking paths they offer.

Several lots are adjacent to these conservation areas. You’ll never have neighbours to the back of your yard and are therefore ensured privacy. You’ll be in daily contact with the beauty of nature. You never know, you may see a deer, small animal or one of the bird species that populates the reserve.

Near the Faubourg Nature, you will find Cowansville’s Nature Center along Davignon Lake which offers, among other things, a beach, sports fields, picnic areas, trails and various water sport opportunities.

A little further away, you can enjoy all the green attractions of our region. Whether you want to visit a winery on the Wine Route, go mountain hiking or skiing, it’s all possible. The choice is yours, and is all within 30 a minute drive from the Faubourg Nature.

A Safe Neighbourhood

The Faubourg Nature provides a feeling of security as soon as you enter the property. Several new features have been added to our plans that will make our neighbourhood even safer. For example, there is only one entrance into the Faubourg Nature - see the plans. The entry on Lauder Street, between Ontario and Brown, offers a distinct signaling Boulevard which facilitates two-way traffic. This single access keeps the circulation local and down to a minimum. The neighbourhood also has reassuring street lighting that nicely compliments residential lighting. Your new neighbourhood will be both intimate and distinct, fostering reassuring, community ties.

Finally, the Faubourg Nature is less than 5 minutes from The Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital and the Cowansville CLSC.

A Flexible Neighbourhood

When we created the Faubourg Nature, we wanted to offer a quality, flexible living environment. Our project includes lots reserved for various desires and needs. Therefore, we have lots available for the following types of residences:

  • One-storey, single-family
  • Two-storey, single-family
  • Multifamily (condominiums)

What’s more, you can choose your builder from among our partners who will be happy to attend to the various details of your project.